Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. 9th Anniversary

It became "nine".
Thank you with all of you.
Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. 9th Anniversary
From Sunday, March 15 to Sunday, April 19
We check information of each shop during period in 9th Anniversary anniversary

Event Information

Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. Limited craft beer sale

rise blue Ale
rise SP Ale
RISE & WIN X Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C.

RISE & WIN X Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C.

Brewery which is doing 3R of "reducing" "reuse" "recycling" in form as place having understand "zero way strike" of Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima happily "RISE & WIN Brewing Co is BBQ & General Store" and Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. But, it is collaboration. We brewed limited craft beer.

Natural "picture of the future" of Me X rise tomorrow

3/20 Friday, 21 Saturday, 22 Sunday
3% of sales are donated
[plan, administration] Sanno Institute of Management Heights seminar RISE & WIN Brewing Co. Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C.

What is me X rise? What will commonplace be?

Brewery plan basing on Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima that "is sustainable", and thinks about o theme and the first step to "eco-friendly commercial facilities" which we did, and declared Sanno Institute of Management of hometown Setagaya-ku, "zero way strike " of the ninth anniversary of Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center to work on with "(rise and Win bluing Company) RISE & WIN Brewing Co!"

※Meaning called (lose) zeroing garbage with zero way strike

Venue MAP

Zero way strike gallery

What is zero way strike?

"Aiming at society which there is not, and does not give the garbage how you treat garbage"

Meaning to get rid of waste, garbage, waste with zero way strike. There is not how you handle refuse which came out and in the first place is way of thinking to prevent you from producing garbage. It was waste of resources and health hazard by toxic substance and adverse effect to environment including water pollution that "recycling even as for destruction by fire, landfill, what" brought. Zero way strike is going to turn such social structure itself.

Students experienced "zero way strike" in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima!
In gallery, pleasant panel introduces "zero way strike" based on the experience clearly.
  • With 45 classification

    Garbage station in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima that did "zero way strike declaration" for the first time in Japan. We separated 13 items of garbage 45 and achieved 81% of recycling rates in 2016.

    45 classification
  • Brewery which advocates garbage zero

    Brewery which "RISE & WIN Brewing Co." reused scrap woods which were going to be thrown away, and was made. We produce craft beer using skin of citron incense made specially in Kamikatsu-cho that becomes targeted for the disposal and provide.

    Brewery which advocates garbage zero
    RISE & WIN Brewing Co. CEO Tatsuya Tanaka
  • New garbage station "WHY"

    0, Kamikatsu-cho way strike center WHY starts a business this spring. There are not only garbage station but also learning center laboratory, the experience accommodations.

    New garbage station "WHY"
  • Rich living

    Nakamura dayone living in the heart of a mountain of Kamikatsu-cho.
    Living of hermit dayone is very simple, and it is rich.

    Nakamura dayone

Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. Craft beer sale

Bottle beer (330 ml) 770 yen

Period 3/20.21.22
[venue] Limited craft beer sale booth
[time] 11:00-17:00

The town of river action

Environmental activity booth of Setagaya-ku
We introduce activity that "Futakotamagawa Eli amateur screw face" performs in "the town of Futakotamagawa" by panel display.

With "the town of river action"

In cooperation with expert of waterside environment, we perform environmental conservation activity and investigation with inhabitants to enjoy nature of the Tama River, and to aim at dispatch of new culture, civilization of the Tama River basin, and to have you use the Tama River by maintenance of waterside environment safely.

The town of river action
Now being held
Futako Tamagawa Rise ribbon street

Both heart and body are happy under the blue sky of Futako Tamagawa Rise

Branch discerning specialty store which it is fun, and is pretty, and is delicious every season with foods trailer for a limited time. We enjoy spring of Futakotamagawa with picnic foods of nikopiku!

We perform sale of limited craft beer (only as for the bottle) during period in anniversary.

We offer snacks menu matching limited craft beer.


For more information:

Both heart and body are happy under the blue sky of Futako Tamagawa Rise

Let's go out to "dainty food bar" & "night cafe" this spring.

"Dainty food bar"

Bar which can taste delicious liquor and dishes in a good balance. We are particular about affinity of liquor and dishes and introduce pairing that meal becomes a lot fun.

Dainty food bar

In "night cafe"

In three keywords of "beauty" to be interested in woman "anti-aging" "detox", we offer meal & sweets which we can eat quickly.

Night cafe
Let's get rise SP Ale!

Dainty food bar & night cafe LINE shop card

Accumulate point in LINE, and Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. Limited craft beer
We present "rise SP Ale" one!

■Period 3/15-4/19 (finished as soon as it disappears)
■The first 100 people-limited! We present "rise SP Ale" one only in where restaurant for three times during period was used!

LINE friend registration is this
Until 4 4 from Saturday to the middle of October (plan)
Futako Tamagawa Rise galleria

Futako Tamagawa Rise environment direction 2020 - season1

Original tree house is built to the big tree showing noon and face appearing at night wrong and can enter inside. Please enjoy space that both adult and child can spend together while seasonal change feels that it is to - autumn in spring in ... summer.

100 days ago event for Tokyo 2020 meeting

New Open!
Much-talked-about shop is open!

Live [ladies' fashion]
town front 2F

It is brand suggesting basic of adult woman feeling depth for material and sewing based on white, black, red.

Traditional weather wear [ladies' & men fashion, miscellaneous goods]
town front 2F

We develop Collection mainly on basic wear which fused with British tradition with seasonal extract wonderfully.

Traditional weather wear
naji [ladies' sports fashion, miscellaneous goods]
town front 2F
3/27 Open!

Ladies' sports brand which suggests new "active lifestyle" to concept with sports X fashion.

Marr design eye [ladies' fashion] to coat
town front 2F

High sensitive select shop which had domestic and foreign brands around original brand MIDIUMISOLID. We suggest CASUAL MODE which is COOL.

Marr design eye to coat
B design home [bedclothing, life miscellaneous goods]
town front 5F
4/3 Open!

Other than custom-made pillow only for oneself that the world has only one, product to lead to comfortable sleep including selectable pillow case and towel depending on room wear which did apparel brand AMACA and collaboration, quality of skin is prepared.

B design home
Le Creuset [life miscellaneous goods]
town front 5F

Kitchenware brand from France. Commencing with "cocotte rondo", it keeps item which is most suitable for gift.

Le Creuset
Girls Mignon [store specializing in print seal machines]
town front 6F

"girls mignon" is store specializing in print seal machines which assumed "pre-shop ♡ for girls" concept. Futako Tamagawa Rise shop sets up four popular models. Through pre-shooting, we color memory cutely happily.

Girls Mignon
Lexus [car sale, miscellaneous goods]
Terrace market 2F

Popup store where Lexus is felt close for a limited time. As for the sale of goods original let alone display, sale of car!

metamate [life miscellaneous goods]
town front 1F event space
3/29 Open!

Metal gift shop of concept to "send loving thought from people to person" through metal. We perform sale of metal miscellaneous goods and metalwork experience workshop.

erura [ladies' fashion]
town front 1F event space
4/3 Open!

Because we like me, and there is me, necessary clothes stand. Even if figure changes, we want to enjoy fashion like oneself! Item of Elura is particular about "working" in trouble like cosmetics and is brand for made adult woman.



109 cinemas Futakotamagawa
Terrace market 3F, 4F
3/20 Open!

"IMAX® laser" which is the latest in 109 cinemas Futakotamagawa introduction!
"IMAX® laser" to be able to enjoy an unprecedented overwhelming sense of reality with innovative 4K laser projection system and the latest 12ch sound system appears in cinemas Futakotamagawa on 109 on Friday (holiday) on March 20!

109 cinemas Futakotamagawa

IMAX®is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation.

The details of making a reservation are this

※It becomes the end as soon as each product disappears. ※All the things that stated value does not have mention separately are tax-included prices. ※It becomes the end as soon as both campaigns disappear.