Service facility guidance



Please feel free to contact at time or embarrassing time to want to know service.

  • <reception hours> town front 1F/10:00-21:00 terrace market 2F/10:00-19:00
  • <phone number> 03-3709-9109
  • ・Guidance (the shop, Parking, neighboring information)
  • ・Various rental (stroller, wheelchair, reading glasses)
    Until 30 minutes before the reception desk end time of rental time / information
    Correspondence age /1 ka moon - 48 months of stroller
    ※As number is limited, it may not be available.
  • ・Primary receptionist of lost article, find

To customer accompanying child

To customer accompanying child

Babies' room

We establish hot water supply device, crib for milk, nursing section.

For more information:

Rental of stroller

We accept by information.
Rental time / town front 1F/10:00-20:30 terrace market 2F/10:00-18:30
Correspondence age /1 ka moon - 48 months of stroller
※As number is limited, it may not be available.

For more information:

Restroom (kids' restroom) for child

Town front

For more information:

Guidance of kids' space

It is space that can be idle on play mat happily.
Use time /10:00 - 21:00

Financial institution

  • FamilyMart! It is bank ATM of this
  • Bank ATM of Lawson
  • Rakuten Bank ATM of Rakuten cafe

Administrative corner

Post office


Other services

Other services

Public telephone

There is in front of Futako-Tamagawa Station wicket.

AED (automated external defibrillator)

※AED is device returning cardiac convulsions (ventricular fibrillation) to normal heartbeat.


Cold storage locker

Multipurpose restroom

We install multipurpose restroom for ostomate in each floor except town front 1F, terrace market 3F,4F.

Multipurpose restroom (universal seat setting)

We install universal seat in multipurpose restroom of town front 2F, terrace market 2F.

Other various guidance

Other guidance

Other guidance

  • ・Except New Year's Day and legal check day, it is open in year round. (except ※ some stores)
  • ・The hall should give up smoking except appointed place.
  • ・Please refrain from fire, carry-on of dangerous materials.
  • ・Please refrain from shooting with camera videos in hall.
  • ・Coming to accompany pet to food, restaurant has you decline.
  • (guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog can enter).

In addition, in the case of companion, please consider use mine, other customers with pet case in pets in facility except the above.
I would like understanding, cooperation so that all customers stay comfortably.