Rise jaanii

We extend by favorable reception <we draw and display illustration> and are decided! Until Sunday, September 13

Is it rise jaaniittenaani?

We want you to make wonderful memory in this summer.
Summer of Futako Tamagawa Rise which is unusual in such thought
We send with picture book writer, Ryoji Arai.
Discovery of child, discovery of adult.
We draw thing which found and,
It is jaaniidesu that talks in what we felt.
Well, let's go on a trip to stimulate imagination!

Taking the ease in summer comes; with cho

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We explore device studded with outdoors of Futako Tamagawa Rise, and hint to discover only oneself is jam-packed. Cloud looks like form of animal? Insect which we had not looked at flew? In rise and house, taking the ease comes more and more and will draw sound that we heard and thing which found on cho. It is wonderful even if we widen image from workshop which we can experience in house. Please use just as wanted freely.

<taking the ease in summer comes book entry of the market price hand method>

Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. We obtain in this

Distribution place: town front 1F information
Distribution period: It is finished as soon as it disappears ... on Friday, August 7
※Distribution in hall was finished.

We obtain in house

Departure from jaaniihe

※Roof garden 5F open field open space area is closed down at the time of strong wind.

※Please be careful about heat stroke. Take supply and break diligently for ⽔.

Rise jaaniino workshop

Work Shop1

Work Shop2

Video introduces rise jaaniino way of enjoying. Taking the ease comes and will walk cho in hand just as wanted. Even in house, we come by jaaniini participation.

<let's share hakkeno>

You put # rise jaaniino hashtag, and do you not post thing which children found, thing which you drew on Instagram? We choose several points from contribution and use for rise jaaniino record movie. We will present autographed picture book of Ryoji Arai and specially made sticker to employed person.

Ryoji Arai profile

Ryoji Arai

© Arimura lotus

It was born in Yamagata for 1,956 years. Illustrator, picture book writer. A lot of receiving a prize in home and abroad including Shogakukan child publication culture prize, Bologna international child book exhibition special prize, Kodansha publication culture prize picture book prize, Japanese picture book Prize. We win Swedish child boy literary prize "Astrid(Ericsson) Lindgren memory literary prize" as Japanese for the first time in 2005. Cover designs, soe, advertisement, words play an active part widely. Book "has of liar" (Shogakukan); "picture book of forest" "intention" (Kodansha) "uchutamago" (yeast press). "Children are waiting" in the most new item (Aki Publishing)

Book of Ryoji Arai

Aki Publishing that "children are waiting"

"Children are waiting"

Aki Publishing

Day rises in the horizon far distantly. Days to be repeated while staring at the sky and mountain, the sea and river. Children always wait impatiently for something. Ship going donkey and camel day of celebration…….

"Today's I can run to anywhere" NHK publication

"Today's I can run to anywhere"

NHK publication

Moment happy for joy when there is many when "I" who went on a trip meet favorite horse "morning glow." Picture book which described dazzling person top inlaid daily life with in rich color and easy look.

"Is round, arrive at the sky today"; KAISEI-SHA

"It is round arrives at the sky today"


Cat which gathered in park of dusk. Parent and child of bear which is on mountain. Whale which jumps in the sea. On all, the round moon shines. Night when easy light pours into each place where each person lives in.

During period Ryoji Arai corner
We install

We present specially made sticker

To Ryoji Arai who purchased book at the following stores,
We present rise jaanii sticker.

It is finished as soon as it disappears ... on 200 arrival at each storefront 8/8 Saturday
Futakotamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS education temple Futakotamagawa store

Specially made sticker

<we draw and display illustration>

Illustration display of Ryoji Arai

We display original bill of illustration which we drew for "rise jaanii".

Place: town front 8F
The escalator side

Period We extend by favorable reception and are decided!
Until Sunday, September 13


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