Summer play 2020.8.1<sat of rise> -> 8.31<mon> Summer play 2020.8.1<sat of rise> -> 8.31<mon>

Rise jaanii

Rise jaanii

Rise jaanii

We seem to know and do not know.
Let's explore Futako Tamagawa Rise only this summer.

We close our eyes and listen to far-off sound.
We turn at corner that has not bent.
To individually favorite place.
Let's describe exceptional summer.

We can download sketching BOOK to be able to enjoy in house!


The stage of this summer shoots!
In Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C.
We hold "workshop in house".

We cook and make while learning with video and.

Various forms, various colors, various taste.
What kind of flash and throb are born?

Rise jaanii

We made Ryoji Arai lecturer
We are delivering video workshop!

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