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Body tertemple coffee SHOP NAME

Body tertemple coffee

  • Town front
  • 6F

Simply because we let straight bean selected carefully make aging (aging, drying), and aging coffee which we roasted slowly and carefully is the roast maker direct management. We take cake and sandwich, pasta to make from cloth in shop with substantial foods menu.

Type of industry Cafe, cake shop
Handling product ■EAT IN
A lot of coffee, tea, juice drinks
Homemade cakes such as chiffon cake tart
Toast sandwich curry, fresh pasta

A lot of cake, coffee beans, original coffee product
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
It is 30 30 drink LO20 foods LO20
Regular holiday None
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence Available
TEL 03-5716-4555
The number of the seats 66 (all seat at a table)
ReservationX Private roomX
Car seat Reservations partyX
Child menuX SmokingX
Corresponding credit card
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos
Correspondence electronic money
  • Suica
  • Edy

Body tertemple coffee SHOP NAME

Body tertemple coffee SHOP NAME

Body tertemple coffee SHOP NAME

Body tertemple coffee SHOP NAME

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Futakotamagawa blend

Hello, it is body tertemple coffee Futakotamagawa store.

Blend of Futakotamagawa store original
<Futakotamagawa blend> We began to sell this!
200 g: 810 yen (tax-included)
(selling performs sale by measure from 100 g)

Town coexists with nature of Futakotamagawa,
Refreshing bright image
We plunged into taste of blend.
As flavor is very good, and there is little bitterness
It is blend which it is easy to swallow up very much♫

Please see by all means at store.