Merry Christmas to end of space!
We leave on tree in ornament of stars of this night sky.
What kind of brightness is Christmas judging from the outside of the earth?
It may be thing which is surrounded by light of color and blessing of each person's joy, and is born.
Light of Christmas to hit together in this sky
It is beginning of trip of "ELECTRIC MOON Xmas"!

  • Skating garden 2019
  • Christmas lottery
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Artist Profile

Chie Morimoto

Chie Morimoto

The goen ° sponsorship. Communication director art director.
Musashino Art University guest professor. HAKUHODO enters the company after Musashino Art University graduation in 1999. We become ADC member at the youngest in history in 2006. 2007 goen ° establishment. Canon, KIRIN, niko and... Including nadono corporate advertising, Yumi Matsutoya, artwork of Mr. Children, Nippon Television round-the-clock television charity T-shirt design, NHK "are half blue." We cross poster design, activity including space direction of art, zoo and nursery school of poster design and others, movie and the stage of Director Yoji Yamada "It's Tough Being a Man 50 back tiger" of this to many divergences. Following 2018, we act as Futako Tamagawa Rise Christmas produce, the KINECO International Film Festival Arty stick director and examination chairperson. In book 2010 "anthology to sing" 2015 "important story of one step this side where idea is made" ※There is "soho*seizenitojuyomatoji" for book, China in 2018.

Interview is this
Artist Profile Artist Profile


View of the world of Christmas tree which Chie Morimoto deals with on holiday just before Christmas
We hold special event that we can enjoy this year.

We enter UFO and can play!

Christmas tree

Christmas tree becoming symbol of "ELECTRIC MOON Xmas" is about 12m in height. We develop slightly warmly good old space that can take various photographs including the rocket Santa post to send UFO with good old time, prayer and joy of Christmas to. In addition, we pay attention to light and direction of sound to begin once in 15 minutes. You can enjoy direction that you put together in complete original musical piece that Sekiguchi Shingo and Miu Sakamoto of Aristrist deal with.

We carve with song which tree listens to to 16:00-25:00 every 15 minutes only here! We carve with song which tree listens to to 16:00-25:00 every 15 minutes only here! Letter is actually put in the rocket Santa post to send prayer and joy to on Christmas. Letter is actually put in the rocket Santa post to send prayer and joy to on Christmas.
Sekiguchi Shingo

Sekiguchi Shingo

Miu Sakamoto

Miu Sakamoto

Christmas tree
niko and ...

niko and ...

We enter UFO with good old time and can play! Of course we can enjoy photography.
Visual special on Christmas of "Nico and"

UFO which we actually used by special visual on Christmas of "Nico and" that Masaki Suda and Nana Komatsu appear on is appearance in galleria!
In addition, we are selling Christmas tree and lease to come up particularly visually in town front 5F "Nico and"!

Christmas tree and lease to come up particularly visually of "Nico and"

It is this town front 5F Nico and in detail

Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival
Christmas Festival

12/21 sat. 22 sun

Both adult including winter fair to be able to enjoy market, atmosphere on Christmas on Christmas when comfortable live that we did against a backdrop of Christmas tree, special shops line up and child can spend satisfying Christmas.

※Image is conduct scenery of last year

Christmas market where discerning shop is displayed at

Discerning shops form a line
Christmas market

Music live in front of Christmas tree

In front of Christmas tree
Music live

Winter illuminations

We develop very popular illuminations in the whole Futako Tamagawa Rise mainly on the grand staircase this year every year. Slightly good old space where shooting star which picked up prayer and joy runs when it goes up the grand staircase which was given step vision and illuminations of popularity as photospot spreads.

Period From Saturday, November 2 to Sunday, March 1, 2020
[lighting time] 16:00-25:00
[place] The whole Futako Tamagawa Rise

Winter illuminations
Winter illuminations

※Image is image

FUTAKO TAMAGAWA RISE Skate Garden 2019 Futako Tamagawa Rise skating garden 2019 FUTAKO TAMAGAWA RISE Skate Garden 2019 Futako Tamagawa Rise skating garden 2019

Ice skating link which is winter charming sights of Futako Tamagawa Rise comes up this year in central open space!
"Personalized lesson" and "skating lesson" are beginner and seniors including "the curling night", but
You can enjoy. In addition, even as for the first child rental of aid of relief,
Contents to be able to enjoy in parent and child including kids' time that preschool child can enjoy are fulfilling.

FUTAKO TAMAGAWA RISE Skate Garden 2019 Futako Tamagawa Rise skating garden 2019

From Saturday, December 14, 2019 to Sunday, March 1, 2020

■Weekdays 13:00-19:00/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-19:00 (when there are not ※ night reservations, we do business until 20:00)
■Rate: Adult 1,700 yen/student (in middle and high schools very much) 1,500 yen ※Student identification card/dwarf 1,200 yen [TOKYU CARD member subtracts 100 yen] required

Kids' thyme

Only in of preschool child and protector, you can enjoy on the ice activity including skating. As there is free rental of aid, how about in the first skating experience of child?

■Entrance fee: Adult 1,200 yen,
     Non-school children 500 yen

From January, 2020 to every Wednesday, Friday 11:30-12:30
Kids' thyme

On the ice festival

2/11 Tuesday (holiday)

Special event that various contents including curling and hockey experience that even child could enjoy including ice show on link of skating garden were clogged up other than general run.

■Entrance fee: Normal entrance rate (as for the viewing of ice show, free of charge)

  • On the ice festival
  • On the ice festival
  • On the ice festival

Emi Watanabe skating classroom

Skating classroom by all-Japan championship the eighth straight victory Emi Watabe.

■Entrance fee: Once 4,000 yen/
     Classroom intensive for winter vacation: 10,000 yen (3rd) ※It includes shoes charges for rent
■Object: Beginner - intermediate person
■Participation qualification: Parent and child 4 years or older
(only as for the child, in the case of participation, required protector companion)

※Please confirm here in schedule.

The curling night

The curling night

After January, skating rink transforms itself into curling ground on Tuesday on the night of Thursday! Using specially made stone for experience, you can enjoy experience to slide over ice towards mark.

From January, 2020 to every Tuesday, Thursday

ni child Tamagawa rise S.C. Christmas lottery

Period from Thursday, December 19 to Wednesday, December 25

Lottery venue Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. In front of riverfront 3F OSHMAN‘S store, Wood deck

We challenge every receipt 10,000 yen during period when we had you purchase in Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. once!

※There is store excluding partly.

ni child Tamagawa rise S.C. Christmas lottery prize
In detail (PDF)

Event information

  • Until ... 2020 Sunday, January 26

    town front 1F event space

    POP UP SHOP for a limited time

    Sorrel popup store

    Sorrel popup store [ladies' & men fashion]

    We develop shoes which had fashionability that even functionality and downtown protecting step from the cause, rain and snow, cold of concept called the most luxury brand in outdoor boots shine in.
    Sorrel popup store
  • 11/15 Friday NEW OPEN

    town front 5F yogi baud store

    Yogi baud store

    town front 5F yogi baud store [beads sofa interior miscellaneous goods]

    Sofa "Yogibo" of magic that is too comfortable, and cannot move. Sofa of magic to be transformed into various forms completely fits body and wraps you up for comfort of heaven. Please experience "Yogibo" which does not want to rise anymore once when you sit down.
    Yogi baud store
  • 11/21 Thursday NEW OPEN

    town front 7F futakoteburu




    Mainly on "one plate deli" which we colored with colorful side dish, we can enjoy good meal of Balance and delicious liquor while relaxing at mattress seat to take off shoes, and to be able to extend means of transportation to.

  • 12/12 Thursday NEW OPEN

    town front 7F futakoteburu


    [seafood restaurant]


    Blessings of the Japanese sea form a line mainly on bluefin tuna. Other than sashimi and grilled fish, tempura, set meal menu to be able to enjoy in a good balance including small dish, night is a cup of sake with "kaisen" dishes and sake.

  • Until ... Wednesday, December 25

    Food area B1 Tokyu foods show

    Under Tokyu foods show Christmas cake sale

    Food show

    Under Tokyu foods show Christmas cake sale
  • Until ... Wednesday, December 25

    town front 1F Mel Vita

    Herb diagnosis

    We choose herb which is good to customer among 1,000 kinds of herb with iPad and do.


    Melvita herb diagnosis
  • Until ... Wednesday, December 25

    Station market 1F palette plaza

    Let's make original photogoods

    We can make original photoframe, smartphone case, magneT with special processing called thermally transferring from photograph of smartphone and digital camera.


    Let's make original photogoods
  • It is Monday in week for every from Monday, November 25 to Monday, December 23

    /1F meal floor/2F lounge in terrace market 1F, 2F TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

    Christmas fashion to make in bamikyura

    Using pan and rice pot of bamikyura, we demonstrate menu which is good to house party of Christmas. Please sense party menu to be able to easily make with stylish household appliances deliciously visually bodily.


    Christmas fashion to make in bamikyura
  • Tuesday, November 26

    town front 1F Albion DRESSER

    For Christmas! Trendy make course

    Make specialist holds trendy make course toward Christmas in workshop format. You can actually experience by tag up.

    ALBION DRESSER Reservation required

    For Christmas! Trendy make course
  • 11/30 Saturday, Sunday, December 1

    Futako Tamagawa Rise center open space

    Sean UFO fever of movie sheep! FES.

    We hold festival in commemoration of movie exhibition!
    Pleasant programs are varied!

    • Sean of sheep comes over! Handshake & shooting meeting with Sean

      ①11:00 -/② 15:00 ... (each 50 sets of time first arrival)
      We are going to distribute rearranging ticket in the event site from 30 minutes before each time

    • Clay clay classroom (workshop)

      ①12:00 -/② 14:00 ... (each 20 sets of time first arrival)
      We are going to distribute rearranging ticket in the event site from 30 minutes before each time

    • Sean quiz meet of sheep

      13:00 ...

    • Ard man animations production diorama special display

    • Photospot to be able to enjoy in parent and child, friends

    • Of perfectly round Shirley light (extra-large trampoline)

    • nadonado…Come to play by all means!

      ※There is possibility of contents change

    11/30 soil, Sunday, December 1
    It turns around with smartphone
    Special AR stamp rally
    Special AR stamp rally which turns around with smartphone

    From Friday, November 15 to Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    We go around commercial facilities of Tokyu Line area
    We hold special AR stamp rally!

    Sean hug balloon of clear prize sheep

    [clear prize exchange place] Minamimachida Grand berry park is inner,
    Sean village shop & cafe of sheep

    For more information:

    Enjoy New Movie!

    Movie "Sean UFO fever of sheep!"

    Exhibition national on 12/13 Friday

    Movie "Sean UFO fever of sheep!"

    Ranch of out-of-the-way place of the U.K. UFO came over suddenly while Sean and friends lived leisurely. Town was boiled in UFO fever in a moment, and we made amusement park which featured the theme of space, and ranchman plotted making a profit, too. Mischievous girl "ruler" with supernatural power to let thing float as for the alien who boarded UFO. We lose ranch by an unexpected coincidence and are crowded and we meet Sean and make friends immediately. Incident that is unexpected in Sean and others who is going to put the blame of ruler on house in sequence….

    For more information:


    Please show movie ticket (limitation on that day) of movie which you saw in 109 cinemas Futakotamagawa at target store. We offer advantageous service!

    The online ticket purchase is this
  • Sunday, December 1 - 25 Wednesday

    Story of seasonal food to create gaiety to which WINTER GOURMET bakes

    Winter when night became really long. We want to spend time for meal slightly luxuriously slowly. It is introduction from how to spend night in "FUTACO TABLE" which opened newly to one article of Japanese hawfinch doing this one year in more delicious year.

    It is CHECK!! in WEB BOOK
    Story of seasonal food to create gaiety to which WINTER GOURMET bakes Story of seasonal food to create gaiety to which WINTER GOURMET bakes

    We improve dinner in discount 2% of DINNER points

    All TOKYU CARD members is Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. We return the +2% point by the TOKYU CARD credit use between 18:00-23:00 of this in restaurant during period. [until Thursday, December 26]

    ※There is store excluding partly.

    It is CHECK!! in improving DINNER+2% point
  • Saturday, December 7

    town front 1F John Masters Organics select

    Hairstyling event

    We carry out styling service with brand exclusive belonging Aristrist. We advise hairstyle and arrangement that were good for customer.

    john masters organics It is given priority to reservation

    john masters organics
  • Saturday, December 7

    Futako Tamagawa Rise galleria

    Linen Christmas market 2019

    Magazine "linen" holds the first Christmas event!
    While we are wrapped in warm atmosphere of Christmas, let's spend wonderful time.
    Around market where heart of theme beats fast with Christmas,
    It is scheduled in a lot of height of special contents only by "linen".

    It is quite popular with "linen"
    As for model kazumi
    Other than handmade lease of connoisseur who is popular for "linen" and sale of cake,
    We plan souvenir sampling that new product can try.
    During until holding, we tell about the details in this magazine and official Instagram! Don't miss it!
  • Saturday, December 7

    town front 6F manokurearu

    Let's make plastic van key ring!

    We draw illustration of Christmas, and let's make plastic van key ring.
    ※You may have to wait in rush hours.

    mano creare

    Let's make plastic van key ring!
  • Saturday, December 7

    /1F meal floor/2F lounge in terrace market 1F, 2F TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

    "Tokyo's Finest" Holiday Show featuring Ashton Moore

    It is luxurious Christmas concert of Ashton Moore (Seoul jazz singer) and Mr. tonisaggusu (piano). We give song on special Christmas in performance when Tony of pianist is fantastic for singing voice of good soft, beautiful Ashton of asking feeling and the fifth generation of Count Basie orchestra and do.


    "Tokyo's Finest" Holiday Show featuring Ashton Moore
  • 12/14 Saturday, 15 Sunday

    town front 4F Quatre Thnq

    Workshop made with Christmas wreath

    We invite Glicina Peony Makishima of flower Aristrist and hold the making of Christmas wreath using fresh fir tree. We choose components of a flower arrangement you like and can make original Christmas wreath.

    Quatre Thnq It is given priority to reservation

    Workshop made with Christmas wreath
TOKYU CARD information

The new enrollment is Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. We begin this and return the 10% point by the credit use in target Tokyu group commercial facilities!

※The addition upper limit together with each facility to 1,000 points.
※Please confirm Tokyu card HP about target facility.

For more information: For more information: For more information:
Chie Morimoto
One of the Japanese top creators ・ having many receiving a prize careers
Christmas that Chie Morimoto sends special thought and values.
Thought of Futako Tamagawa Rise and this promotion to be realized by having been equal,
We heard story about view of the world that Morimoto imagined.

Q. Morimoto and Futakotamagawa, relation with Futako Tamagawa Rise?

When the big sky spreads in Futakotamagawa visited around school days and it is the bank of the Tama River and we eat Crape leisurely and talk with friend about for school return, we remember that we spent calm time.
We use Futakotamagawa and Futako Tamagawa Rise as a part of life every day now partly because we become mother, and daughter goes to nursery school in Futakotamagawa. For good sense of distance, we have good wind and space of pleasant event and shop and feeling with us so as to connect nature and city and are important place that we can spend significantly at all.

Q. "Town" and "people" in Futakotamagawa impression of "Futako Tamagawa Rise?"

Place such as big house. We can return to child feeling when here. All are calm and are impression that it is lived a life while people with article make use of each individuality.
Felt nature and function as city coexist while passage of times is early without changing and think that it is town with hint to the future when family and businessman and child and adult can fuse pleasantly.

Q. For Morimoto with "Christmas." Memory of Christmas?

I love Christmas. We had been brought up in parochial school, and Christmas to celebrate birth of Christ from the childhood period was special. Story to make various people happy on Christmas and decoration, music are born. As for myself wish to Santa Claus, time with lover, time of family…. We enjoyed Christmas to bring up the imagination while repeating age. Anyone of the world was attracted in this season, and a lot of song and stories were born and did job of art direction when I wanted to make story and cityscape such as Christmas sometime.
When it becomes almost Christmas, we are excited for some reason. And we want to send prayer at quiet night when we want to surround warm dining table which wants to give a present to somebody, and feeling of pure child sleeping to oneself revives. We feel like being able to be in children forever as far as there is Christmas.
When we established company called present goen ° independently from advertising agency, we produced coin as a substitute for business card indicating relationship. As a result of having been troubled, whom we shall give to is Santa Claus first! I hit on this and went on a trip to Rovaniemi of Finland and handed to Santa Claus in Santa Claus village. We rode reindeer and we enjoyed Christmas market by business trip afterwards in Estonia and Russia, every Stockholm place and went to visit church. We savored reliable harmony given story having one world.
We go to church in families and spend a happy time now. We are sincerely looking forward to being able to spend Christmas in Futakotamagawa this year.

Q. What are story and theme of Christmas of Futako Tamagawa Rise of this year when Morimoto imagines?

The earth is on the tip, and the sky former than the earth spreads forever in our step. We want to do this world upside down. We loved very much on Christmas of this small earth which we saw from space, and plan and one piece of picture were born from thought that we wanted to stare at.

Q. Characteristic of Christmas tree of galleria becoming symbol?

Lifestyle brand niko and...Landing of UFO of Christmas visual of this year to depend on this.
niko and...Please pay attention to UFO colored on Christmas that misses slightly, and is happy warmly mainly on Norman Rockwell of sano susume product by ornament.

Q. Do you want customer to spend time of what kind of Christmas?

mekara has you enjoy Christmas that began slightly already and, There is direction time every 15 minutes and can fly in 1,954 times, space until December 25.
Taking a ceremonial photograph, please be done in family, important person or one against a backdrop of tree space.

Sekiguchi Shingo

Sekiguchi Shingo guitarist/producer

As guitarist of Ovall, we appear on domestic and foreign festivals as solo artist again. The making of sound that interpreted jazz, Seoul, rock, pop music for original sense is praised from all over the world.
In addition, we participate in work and live such as saying aimyon, Akiko Yano, Chara, Hata group Expo, Miu Sakamoto, Fujiwara cherry tree, boundary as producer/guitarist. Video becomes topic approximately every day in Instagram and YouTube in exhibited performance.

Miu Sakamoto

Miu Sakamoto musician

It was born in May. It is belonging to Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Sister M and, in January, 1997, sings "The Other Side Of Love" and makes our debut. "kazokunouta" where "Sing with meII" (Miu Sakamoto with CANTUS name), the most new item that the latest album worked together with choir CANTUS are limited to delivery. In addition, we add to music activity such as appearing on national various festivals as unit "rain" (ohata Yuichi + Miu Sakamoto) with singer-songwriter noohata Yuichi and are in charge of personality of radio program "Deer friends" of the whole country net including TOKYO FM from 2011, and Haruki Murakami who began from 2018 acts as personality with Murakami in program "Murakami RADIO(TOKYO FM)" acting as DJ.
"Breathe of cat, and publish", and become big topic, and book of the beginning of 2014 is multi-; under achievement.
Under child childbirth, work and childcare and strenuous efforts first for 2,015 years.